The very presence of informed, concerned citizens, in and around facilities, can make a critical difference and provide a force to ensure quality care for persons in long-term care facilities. 

Community Advisory Committees are made up of volunteers who are passionate about protecting the rights of individuals residing in long-term care facilities in their communities. Members come from various backgrounds and do not necessarily have a “professional” insight into long-term care. 

Typically, CAC members spend a minimum 8 hours per quarter fulfilling their primary responsibilities i.e., visiting long term care facilities and completion of quarterly visitation worksheets.  Additionally, attendance is required at quarterly committee meetings.  Initial appointment to the CAC is for a one year term.  After the one year term is completed members are eligible for subsequent appointments to two or three year terms.

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Committee Members by County

Camden  –  Vacancy (0)

Jasmine Walton ~ Ruth White ~ Clarann Mansfield ~ Amber Jennings ~ Tammie Krauss

Chowan  –  Vacancy (4)

Dellie Rae Bass ~ Priscilla Gazey ~ Amy Sopher ~

Currituck  –  Vacancy (1)

Diane Bray ~ Lynda Daniel ~ Florence Scaff ~ Debra Williams ~ Joan West

Dare  –  Vacancy (0)

Mary Jernigan ~ Linda Putnam ~ Melissa McCarter ~ Jim Tobin ~ Susie Walters ~ Mary Pendill

Gates  –  Vacancy (0)

Faye Smith  ~ Margaret Witherspoon ~ Virgilia V. Parker ~ Ann Howell ~ Arlan Hicks ~ Bernice Johnson ~

Hyde  –  Vacancy (0)

Linda Flowers ~ Frances House ~ Karen Meekins ~ Jan Moore ~ Glen Credle

Pasquotank  –  Vacancy (5)

David Boone ~  Debbie Brinson ~ Una Green

Perquimans  –  Vacancy (4)

Delphine Madre ~ Ernestine Simpson

Tyrrell  –  Vacancy (2)

James Cahoon ~ Linda Holton ~ Edwina Labonte

Washington  –  Vacancy (2)

Kim Cotten-West ~ Burl Walker ~ Theresa McNair ~ John Fallon


*** At our September 27, 2018 training, we have individuals training from the following counties: Pasquotank, Perquimans, Washington, Tyrrell & Currituck. This training will fill some or all of the vacancies listed in those counties as noted above.

 Roster Updated 8/29/2018

2018 Community Advisory Committee Meetings 

Meetings are open to the public. Committee business sessions are only open to CAC Members.

Camden County – (meets at the Camden Senior Center at 2:00 PM)

February 6  ~  May 14  ~  August 14  ~  October 8

Chowan County – (meets at the Public Safety Building, 2nd floor, at 10:00 AM)

January 31  ~  June 6  ~  August 29 ~  October 18

Currituck County – (meets at Currituck Senior Center at 1:00 PM)

January 25  ~  May 23  ~  July 12  ~  October 4 (meets at 10:00)

Dare County – (meets at the Dare County Baum Center in KDH at 10:00 AM)

January 25  ~  June 26  ~  August 22 (meets at 2:00)  ~  October 4 (meets at 1:00)

Gates County – (meets at the Gates County Public Library at 11:00 AM)

February 22  ~  May 22  ~  August 14  ~  November 8

Hyde County – (meets at the Mattamuskeet Senior Center at 11:00 AM)

March 13  ~  May 8  ~  July 31  ~  October 23

Pasquotank County – (meets at the Pasquotank County Senior Center at 1:00 PM)

March 7  ~  May 9  ~  September 5 (meets at Daybreak Adult Day Health)  ~  October 24

Perquimans County – (meets at the Perquimans County Senior Center at 10:00 AM)

March 6  ~  May 29 (no meeting)  ~  August 21 (no meeting) ~  October 30

Tyrrell County – (meets at the Tyrrell County Public Library at 1:30 PM)

February 8  ~  May 8  ~  July 26  ~  October 9

Washington County – (meets at the Washington County Senior Center at 2:00 PM)

March 15  ~  May 21  ~  July 31  ~  October 23

Calendar Updated 09/10/2018

 Congratulations to our Newest Community Advisory Committee Members!

Welcome to Community Advisory Committee Members that completed the first phase of their training on July 17, 2018.

Pictured are (l-r) Mary Pendill (Dare County), Tammie Krauss (Camden County), and Susie Walters (Dare County).

NEXT Community Advisory Committee New Member Training:

September 27, 2018 from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM at the Perquimans County Library in Hertford.

You MUST fill out a Volunteer Application and submit to your County Office or the AAA prior to the date of the training. Individuals participating in the training will receive confirmation of training time. To complete a Community Advisory Member Volunteer Application, click  HERE

 Applications can be mailed to Brandi Jordan @ Albemarle Commission or faxed to (252) 426-8482

Community Advisory Member Documents:

Committee Member Activities Record

CAC Meeting Minutes Form

CAC Annual Report Form (due to the Ombudsman’s office by Sept. 26, 2018)

CAC Bylaws by County:

Camden County

Chowan County

Currituck County

Dare County

Gates County

Hyde County

Pasquotank County

Perquimans County **

Tyrrell County

Washington County

** Bylaws that do not appear here are in the process of being updated and approved by the Community Advisory Committee for that County.