More Than a Meal

Nutrition Services offers more than just a meal to their participants. Nutrition screening and nutrition education is offered by regional agencies. The Nutrition Program offers to link its seniors to other services such as food banks, food stamps, home repairs, transportation and other assistance programs

Freezer Meal Program

These meals are for those seniors who have been placed on the waiting list for home delivered meals and/or for those seniors where daily delivery is limited. We also serve frozen meals on Ocracoke Island and Knotts Island.

Ensure Program

Offered to clients who are receiving home delivered meals but are in need of additional nutrition.Two cans will equal one meal. Ensure may be used as a second meal per day or as weekend meals for frail older adults or clients determined to be at risk for malnutrition. Ensure may also be used for seniors with swallowing problems or people with illness-induced appetite problems. Permission from the doctor is required.

Shelf Stable/Emergency Meals

Shelf stable meals are provided during emergency inclement weather days such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and snow days.We also offer shelf stables meals for holidays when there is no delivery of hot food.

Blanket Program

Various organizations have donated blankets for seniors who are in need of extra warmth during the winter months. We also have hand crocheted afghans for seniors as well.

Pet Food Program

Many times we learn that our home delivered meal clients are sharing their hot meal with their pet. We have begun a fundraising campaign asking people to donate pet food to seniors who are on our home delivered meals program.


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