documentsPlanning Work Program

The ARPO Planning Work Program (PWP) is a required document which consists of a funding table estimating expenditures for each major category of work.  It is prepared on an annual basis to identify planning priorities for the coming fiscal year.  It also defines planning work products and activities ARPO staff will carry out.

Click here  to view the  FY 2016-2017 PWP

Click here to view a summary of the FY 2016-2017 PWP

ARPO Related Documents

Memorandum of Understanding


Public Involvement Policy (PIP)

RTCC and RTAC Handbook (drafted by the North Carolina Association of Rural Planning Organizations)


ARPO Related Presentations

ARPO Presentation Updated

ARPO Awards

2014 NADO Innovation Award for the “Northeast North Carolina Regional Locally Coordinated Public Transit and Human Service Transportation Plan” (with project partners the Peanut Belt RPO and Mid-East RPO)